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Create Binge-Worthy Courses that Sell!

Create Binge-Worthy Courses that Sell!

We help online educators & media makers produce the most effective, engaging, binge-worthy courses.

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Leading Edge Guidance

Don't just make another crappy course that nobody goes through. Instead, create the greatest course you can possibly imagine. Do it for your future students!

The Art of eCourse Creation Mini Course

Map out your binge-worthy course with one of our flagship offerings that takes you to the new world of online education -- via The eCourse Frontier Starship!

Access to eCourse Adventures Live

Watch live interviews with visionary teachers & industry leaders and learn the tips, tricks and technology that will make you stand out as a leader in your industry. Yay!

A Community of Creators & Entrepreneurs

We love to - GSD - Get Shit Done, while having fun as we push our creative boundaries and capacity to delight our students. Who doesn't, right?

Access to the Coolest Courses in the World

We are building a marketplace that hosts the most innovative, creative and life-changing courses on the planet. We'd love to feature you in it some day!

Opportunity to Join the eCourse Games

We have transformed course creation into a SPORT where eLearning athletes like you compete in the ultimate course creation contest -- for CASH prizes!

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